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We love cabins, and have discovered pets do too.

  • Perfect for cats, rabbits and small animals up to 15lbs

  • Easy to assemble


  • 30 LED lights included in kit


  • FREE and FAST SHIPPING within the US

  • Eco Friendly & Recyclable


  • Super Sturdy


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You have a beautiful home, 

your pet should too.

We guarantee your pets will love their new home 

@ petdesigngroup

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Meet Your Design Team

The story of the PlayFrame started on the living room floor while unpacking after a cross-country move. The pet rabbit began to take a keen interest in the mountain of empty boxes scattered about, Jesse noticed the rabbit also wanted a place to call home too. Being an architect, Jesse saw an opportunity to create something unique, classy, and highly functional. We hope your family enjoys the PlayFrame cabin as much as we do!

PlayFrame Dimensions
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  • What is the PlayFrame made out of?
    Heavy duty double wall corrugated cardboard. Pet cottage comes with structural pieces, decorative twinkle lights, and instructions for fast easy assembly (batteries not included) Designed for most small pets up to 15 pounds with ample room for them to relax and play
  • Will my pet chew up the cardboard house?
    Rabbits are more likely to chew on the house. Cats may enjoy making modifications too though. The design uses double wall cardboard and is very sturdy overall but the details are not indestructible. The LED lights are sandwiched between two very sturdy pieces of cardboard and are not readily accessible to your pet. The AA battery box is also tucked away, but we recommend keeping an eye on your pet while they pay with the house and become comfortable with using it. Check out the assembly video on our website under the "Assembly" tab to see how well the lights and wiring are hidden away. The little white bunny in the pictures on the website is mine his name is Toki. I have been making him different styles of houses for about seven years and he enjoy "remodeling" them. Frankly I think it is just part of the fun. I have found that it is pretty easy to make repairs using non toxic hot glue and cut out new pieces using the old ones as a template. You could even use a sharpie to replicate the graphics. The house is made of non-toxic cardboard so there shouldn't be any issues with general chewing. If your pet decided to consume large quantities of cardboard on a regular basis it may not be the best diet.
  • How do I assemble the PlayFrame?
    Check out our assembly video for a walkthrough on how to assemble your PlayFrame.
  • What is the return and refund policy?
    30 Day Return Policy for products that arrive to your door damaged or with missing parts. Based on customer feedback, we are pretty confident you will love the product, but if you do have any concerns or issues please dont hesitate to reach out. We are a very small company and communicate with our customers directly.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We UPS ship to the lower 48 states for free. It typically arrives in 4-5 business days. The pet house is shipped using UPS carbon neutral. Unfortunately we cannot offer shipping internationally as it is cost prohibitive; often more than the house itself. If you would like a quote, do not hesitate to send us an email. Note that when shipping to an apartment number there is also offer the option of pickup at the local UPS store if you like. Just let us know. The package will be 30"x30"x2" and typically does not fit in secure mailboxes, and often gets delivered to a general package pickup area.
  • How do I make repairs?
    Yes, it is entirely possible that your pet will try to remodel your house without permission. Repairs and reinforcement can be made using cardboard and non-toxic glue.
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